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When you’re facing foreclosure and wish to keep your home, you need to consult with a foreclosure attorney as soon as possible. Mike Carey has over 9 years of experience as a lawyer providing clients in the Bowling Green, KY area with assistance in bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, repossession, wage garnishment, and related matters. Mr. Carey will assess your situation and ensure that you are completely informed of your options. He can also attempt to negotiate a deal with your lender that allows you to stay in the home. If you have a legitimate defense against your foreclosure, Mike will represent you in court. Call today to get a free consultation and find out what you can do to keep your house. 

What Can a Foreclosure Lawyer Do for You?

If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments for a certain amount of time (typically 120+ days), the lender can begin the foreclosure process, which involves selling your house to repay the loan. In almost all cases, the lender is legally required to give you notice of its intention to foreclose your home. After receiving the letter, you will typically have 30 days to bring your loan current, or else the lender will move forward with the foreclosure. 


If you can’t get it current during this time, there are several options that could allow you to stop the foreclosure. Modifying the terms of your loan so that you can manage future payments may be an option. Filing bankruptcy is another common option that stops foreclosure from occurring.


Mike Carey will work with your lender in attempts to modify your loan. This could mean lowering your interest rate or extending the term of the loan to decrease your monthly mortgage payment amount. He can also provide foreclosure defense representation if the lender breached the loan contract or didn’t follow proper procedure in the judicial foreclosure process. 


Mike also assists clients who are facing other collection actions such as wage garnishments and property repossession. If your creditors are taking these kinds of actions, contact Carey Law today to find out how you may be able to stop them. There are many cases in which an experienced lawyer can negotiate with lenders to help clients avoid losing the property they care about.

If You Need Foreclosure Assistance, Then Consider Contacting Carey Law

The looming potential of eviction can be a frightening concept for many individuals. When you fall behind on your rent, it can be difficult to catch up again. Carey Law can provide you with eviction assistance in order to assist you. Mike Carey can provide you with strategies to catch up on your rent, defend your rights, and otherwise advise and support you.


Carey Law offers free consultations to people in the Bowling Green, KY area who need legal assistance to stop house foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishment, etc. Mike Carey will assess your unique financial situation and determine what options are available to you. Then, he will guide and represent you throughout the foreclosure process to ensure that your rights are protected.


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