Pay Off Your Debts One at a Time

Trust our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Bowling Green, KY

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows debtors to structure their debts into reasonable payments over the course of three to five years. This helps with high-interest loans and possible repossessions. If this sounds like your situation, contact Carey Law. Our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys have served the Bowling Green, KY area for over 12 years. We're ready to help you start your debt-free life.

If your monthly income exceeds the allowable limits for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, call 270-938-0100 now. We'll schedule a consultation with one of our Chapter 13 lawyers.

Know when it's time to file for bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is not the right option for everyone, but if you're facing a high amount of debt, it may be time to contact a Chapter 13 lawyer. You should reach out to our office if:

  • Your house is being foreclosed on
  • Your vehicles were repossessed
  • You have domestic support payment arrears
  • You can't pay off the interest from loans
You can learn more about the bankruptcy process by reaching out to our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys now.